Dream Progress

I seem to always start these blogs with a sorry this is late, but I have been busy on the Mammal Pack Wildlife Adventure Blog and that’s taken up most of the time between everything else.  But he we go, a post at long last.

We’ve been working hard on the Mammal Pack, taking photographs, trying to increase our audience and just getting some contacts.  We now have a Mammal Pack twitter page to try and reach more people with the Wildlife Adventures we get to experience.  So there are plenty of photographs available for you to enjoy.

The other new thing we have started up is Wildlife Adventure hints and tips under a number of different categories.  These will include how to find the animals we are lucky enough to see and photograph, skills that you may need for a Wildlife Adventure, and finally places we have visited.  These are still a major work in progress, but keep an eye out.

So back onto something a bit more personal, still pretty linked to Mammal Pack though.  It’s amazing to start to see this dream of wildlife photography and filming coming together, seeing that people are enjoying seeing our photographs as well as our advice.  The idea of being able to make a living from something I, well we, completely enjoy, getting to see the world and the amazing wildlife and environments the world has to offer, is truly mind blowing.  We have so much we want to see, we have to narrow it down because just saying everything is planning very well.  We have birds of prey, and whales and dolphins coming up very soon.

It’s hard work trying to get everything together and running smoothly, with photography, research projects, and everything else but honestly I would have it this way then having a job I didn’t enjoy.  I would rather be outside in whatever the weather than sat safely in an office working on a computer all day.  It’s a good thing Hayley has the same attitude and is happy to spend hours outside every day.

I’ll try and keep this going, but if you’d like to catch up with the Adventures of the Mammal Pack, more wildlife based and similar to the posts I wrote about our Kenya trip.  Please visit the blog.

Cheers everyone,



Things In A New Light

Spring is here, a wonderful symbol of new starts, changing environments and growth.  Nature is kicking itself into gear for spring just as we are here at the Mammal Pack (more on that here).  More on me rather than the Pack entirely.  The Pack’s views are growing and it is wonderful to see, actually seeing that people like our photographs and generally what we get up to.  Were are really starting to concentrate on the work of the Pack and working hard on spreading our work and influence.

We haven’t started filming yet but scripts are written for a few things, including frogs, birds of prey, and a few more.  That’s a different aspect of what we have planned.  Just have to find the time now.  But we know we will be able to do this, and make our dreams come true.

So anyway, the title “Things In A New Light” it’s just a thought process triggered by this photography taken by Hayley. Image

A ‘normal boring’ pigeon, something we didn’t set out to photography at Roath Park but honestly one of my favourite photographs of the day (the other photographs can be found here).  A fairly ‘basic’ bird that all of us are use to seeing but with the right light and good timing it look so special.  An aim of the pack now is to get from being a ‘basic bird’ that no one notices, something people just walk past everyday, and with some good light and a bit of good timing we’ll become something that people notice and set out to find.  Something interesting.

Back To Work

I’ve had a lovely Christmas holiday, some time to try and relax.  Doesn’t help that I was ill over actual Christmas day, but oh well.  This year is all about getting the important things really going.  My aim is to focus on the photography and filming aspects of Mammal Pack, and getting plenty done for that.  We have a whale and dolphin day booked as well as a photography session with a local bird of prey guy.  Plenty of opportunities already, as well as the travel in the UK that will come with it.  That’s the summer mostly sorted out which is lovely.

University work will also be picking up with plenty of very early starts in the better Spring weather.  However it will pay of with plenty of experience to gain as well as photograph and filming opportunities.  Bird feeding, nest monitoring, animal tracking and identification.  Lots and lots to be getting on with.  

Just a quick update on this blog for now, more to come in the near future!

On A Roll


Again I haven’t written in a while but at least there’s plenty to catch you up on.  Mammal Pack is under way (check out the logo I’ll give you a second to admire it, I know right, pretty cool), more photos available to see, and lots planned for the next few weeks, Senegal trip.  See plenty, I haven;t just been lazy.

Firstly Hayley and myself are working on getting photos for Mammal Pack facebook group, and planning some short documentaries that are coming together and some shots are planned.  I was caught out by not having all the filming kit when we saw a big flock of starlings but in the poor lighting we got some decent footage and that’s published now 🙂  Also will be filming the work of the dog training school I help out at in the Spring.

Senegal, a lovely two week trip at the end of January, how lucky are we to have these travel opportunities.  But if there’s a time to do it then University is the right time.  It’s a much better idea then going out drinking at every chance.  I’ll keep you posted on the planning process and everything else I get up to.


We’ve only got a couple more weeks at University until our Christmas holidays and then we have lots of time to get out and about with the cameras.  Plenty to see by Mammal Pack.  I will do my best to post here a little more, but sadly it’s dropping down the to do list, but I’ll drag it up a couple of places.

Back Again

Hey Everyone, sorry it’s been absolutely ages but there has been loads going on.  Filming equipment, research projects underway, dog training, documentary planning, Senegal trip planned.  !!!Loads!!!

My research project now is looking at the diets of rats of a farm, and looking at whether the presence of Pheasant feed throughout the winter maintains a high rat population which then decimates song bird eggs in the spring.  Previous work on the site should roughly 90% nest predation of the song bird nests.  That’s really kicking off in the next couple of weeks, more on that later.

Secondly Hayley and I are planning short documentaries to film as The Mammal Pack.  We will also be doing some wildlife tours around Cardiff for a company called Eco-explore who we are doing work with this year.  It’ll be videos highlighting good areas to see wildlife as well as events that are on in the Cardiff area.  I’ve ordered some editing software which is more powerful so I can get some films finalised and posted.  There’s big plans for Mammal Pack as well, hopefully start getting some income for the company which would be lovely and start expanding as much as we can.

Finally I am helping Adam at his Dog Service, I help teach dog training lessons on a Saturday.  After the first couple of weeks he was comfortable enough for me to actual help teaching and we’d split the bigger classes into two and each take a half to walk around and help when they had time to practice each command.

And an add on, we have a Senegal trip planned for February time so a few months away but still very exciting.  And there will be more video from that trip as I’m getting more practice with filming with my camera.  Stay tuned for more up coming stuff.

Almost All Sorted

It’s been a very busy few weeks and I have neglected writing posts on here but things are starting to settle down and my PTY is falling nicely into place.  In a week or so after arranging lots of health and safety I should have my new project up and running and once I know the details of what I’ll be doing I will write a post explaining everything.

But honestly I think the new PTY will be so much better than the Candian one would have been in the grand scheme of things.  Here I will be able to get much more filming down for our Mammal Pack Project there are some big plans for that at the moment so expect to hear more about all that.  And the number of contacts I will make here in the UK will put me in a good position for future work.  

I will get back to writing more posts here so keep an eye out on things 🙂

Lessons Learned

Life is full of lessons some small and some so obvious they almost kill you (literally).  Here’s a few lessons I’ve learned along the way and/or from people in my life.  There’s no real order to these lessons, just as they pop into my head right now.

Find who you’re meant to be:    “I was always quiet” a quote from my old headmaster of my secondary school, who saw my potential well before I did.  My teachers would always say I was too quiet in class, but I use to just like getting on with work.  I never use to like taking control and being a leader of a group but it comes much more naturally now.  He knew I should step up to the plate.  We won our sports day (a big event in an all boys school) in my final year and I was called over the speakers at the stadium to collect the trophy.  After handing it back in one of my favourite teachers said to me “He told me to call out your name to collect the trophy.  He knows people listen to you”.

Tell yourself you’re brave: Basically just fake courage when you need it.  It will begin to become part of who you really are, your primary reaction.  Before you have to give a presentation or anything else tell yourself you’re brave and act confident.  You’ve only got to act it for a short time, and then the fear and nerves are over.  It’ll help the people around you as well, if they see you having courage and taking control it’ll help them.

Always dream big: You’ll find thousands of good quotes about this, following dreams etc. “If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. This is a good quote, but I think the best dreams have to scare you and excite you in equal measure.  If it doesn’t excite a passion in you then you’re never going to follow it through all the fear and hard times.

Listen to fate: I believe in fate but not destiny, and yes those things are different.  Fate puts opportunities and challenges in your way, destiny is the final thing you are meant to achieve.  This will most likely become a post on it’s own.  My fiance had popped up in my life a few times but I never did anything about it.  Then fate made it very obvious the kind of obvious that almost kills you.  It was in an event (The Incident) where we almost all died that I realised I needed her in my life.  And that set off a big change in my life, culminating in her being my fiance before our first anniversary of dating.  I actually proposed on the anniversary of us almost drowning.

As I’m writing this I’m thinking of more and more so I will split them up between a few posts.  The next ones will follow soon